Tree of Life







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The tree of life is the personification of the unity of the whole world, a peculiar model of the universe and human being, where every creature, object, or phenomenon has its place. It is also a mediator between the worlds - a kind of road, bridge, ladder, which can go to the world of the gods or the afterlife.

The Yellow&Blue project presents an interesting and vibrant Ukraine through the language of posters and illustrations, traditions and locations which are not easy to find in the tour guides: suburbs, old ladies sitting near the entrances, minibusses and overcrowded beaches, the Ukrainian steppe, where the horse was domesticated, trembits and the Carpathian mountains. All this creates a full-fledged modern image of Ukraine, bright and ironic. These are different views on cultural and touristic attractions, social phenomena, and historical events that are so familiar to Ukrainians but unknown to foreigners. Yellow&Blue project started in 2016 and was presented at the expositions in Germany, Portugal, Poland, and Ukraine.

Digital printing on a durable tough paper. The work is packaged in a cardboard tube.